Chipping Norton Literary Festival is created and run by volunteers. All the fizz and sparkle of the Festival days is a result of year round tireless work by a small army of people who put their enthusiasm and skills – and above all their love of books - to work for their festival and their community.

The core planning team is at the heart of ChipLitFest, and they rely on the dozens of volunteers who have given their time over the years. We owe a huge debt of thanks to them. And here it is: THANK YOU ALL.

Many of our volunteers come back year after year, but we are always delighted to add new faces to the team. Could that new person be you?

As a volunteer for the Festival we assume you like books, or writing or at least you believe that books are A Jolly Good Thing. If you can give us some time you will help to encourage that attitude in other people, creating opportunities to access literature which are not available for everyone.

What do we want you to do?

In advance of the Festival we need bloggers and tweeters and distributors for brochures posters and bookmarks. We really need volunteers who will take care of their own patch. You are the people who know how your village works; where to put the posters and brochures to get the best exposure, which groups to contact to get the word out about the excitement of books and the Festival – and, most importantly, who has the key to the village notice board.

Event volunteer roles during the Festival require a half or whole day. These include driver, chaperone and bookselling roles for schools events on the Thursday; front of house managers, ushers and booksellers at venues; people with local knowledge who can help lost members of the audience; and for those with boundless energy a chance to walk round the town promoting events. And of course there is the clearing up afterwards...for more info about the roles click here.

We love smiley volunteers, with lots of common sense who want the event to succeed – it is such a great weekend we want you to share it.

What do we give you?

We will feed you cake, give you hot drinks, commiserate about achy feet and you get one free ticket to an event of your choice (workshops excepted). We run a training session to help you feel confident about being a Literary Festival Volunteer.

If you would like to join us - and we really will welcome you with open arms – you can contact us at production@chiplitfest.com. We are looking forward to meeting you.