Womersley Foods

Makers of award-winning Fruit & Herb Vinegars and more since 1979.

Womersley was started by the Parsons family at their Yorkshire home where they grew all the fruit and herbs which inspired many gastronomic delights. Since 2013, Womersley has been based in Chipping Norton and the range of nine family vinegar recipes is made in Somerset. We infuse the fruit and herbs in spirit vinegar which allows the taste of the fruits and herbs to shine. These are sweet fruit vinegars with a multitude of uses, both sweet and savoury. Over the years, we have amassed plenty of recipes, many of which you can find on our website. The overall impression is one of a full fruity taste, with a relatively mild vinegar effect. As a result, they are as good for cocktails as they are for marinades and dressings. 

You can find a selection of our vinegars in Delicacy Deli in the centre of Chipping Norton and all of our range is available online from our website. 

We are very proud to be supporting Angela Clutton’s event as we feature in her newly published book, The Vinegar Cupboard, which is the definitive book on vinegars, just when we are seeing a real resurgence in interest in vinegars!