Wild for Words

Wild for Words is a mixture of creative learning, gentle coaching and imaginative play combined to allow children to unwind, open their minds and start to believe in themselves. Wild for Words is more fun than learning at home and more sociable than one to one coaching.

For 8 – 11 year olds

Wild for Words
stretches and inspires eager readers and writers, and encourages the would-be readers and writers who lack confidence, and rekindles the spark for the wobbly, worried workers. We want to help every child enjoy reading and to approach writing with energy, passion and without anxiety. Wild for Words supports children in small groups, building their relationship with words through imaginative activity so that, as mastery and confidence increase, they read with their feelings and write with their souls.


Remember sharing a book on a blanket under a tree or making up endless family poems, in rhyming couplets, on long car journeys? Reading aloud in the evenings or singing nursery rhymes?

Wild for Words
empowers children to explore the English language in many forms and to experiment with different styles of writing, safe in a leafy wilderness in the heart of Oxfordshire.​

Wild for Words
focuses on the aspects of English teaching that good primary teachers and parents believe in, but sometimes don’t have enough time for.​Modern family life and high expectations in primary schools enable children to achieve but with assessments, entrance exams and targets driving enjoyment and imagination to the back of our minds. This can leave many children gasping for air in a hostile world of subordinate clauses and spelling tests. How can a child enjoy learning the mechanics of a subject if the creative flame has died?

Imagine being asked to paint a picture which showed mastery of perspective when you have nothing in front of you to paint? Before the skills can be polished, we need a constant and reliable ground spring of imaginative ideas bubbling forth.

Children are expected to learn English skills every day in school and yet, despite the best teachers and their best efforts, there is rarely adequate time for imaginative exploration.

Wild for Wor
ds restores the eagerness to communicate and celebrate words that most children are born with. Working and playing together in our own sprawling garden by a stream, we set their imaginations free.

As well as reading and writing, children share in poetry, songs, riddles and rhymes, circle games, singing, drama and much more.

The writing is their writing. It will be shared, enjoyed, edited and praised but there will be no scores, tests or marks. Finer points of grammar, punctuation and spelling will be taught as they arise and when they are needed and useful. Focused work on particular stumbling blocks are tackled on a one to one basis by arrangement if required.