The Burnside Partnership

The Burnside Partnership offers technically outstanding advice from specialist lawyers who are sensitive to clients’ needs and take time to understand their individual circumstances and their priorities. 

Our advice is clear and tailored to exactly what you need.   This means that you will have straight-forward, bespoke advice which will allow us to put in place the best arrangements for you and your family.

Our clients are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and span all ages. For many of our clients we are the modern version of the “Family Solicitor”; a constant in the background offering ongoing support and assistance, and often working with different generations of the same family. For other clients we are here to provide one-off, bespoke pieces of advice. Our clients live in Oxford, London, neighbouring counties and further afield.

We meet our clients at our offices at the Blenheim Palace Sawmills near Woodstock, in London and when required at their home or place of work.

We are very proud of the number of our clients who choose to recommend us to their friends, colleagues and families.