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DWG’s Three Services:

Member Forum

DWG Member Forum

  • The DWG Member Forum is a confidential, members-only grouping of 100 of the world’s best known organizations, Members share with each other (online and in person) detailed best practice and challenges, underpinned by 15 years of DWG expert research, measurement and peer learning.

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DWG Consulting Services

  • DWG is a boutique consultancy covering all aspects of the evolving digital workplace. We provide vendor-neutral, expert advice and practitioner-led support, helping organizations tackle specific challenges on their digital workplace and intranet journeys – using our measurement and research-driven methods.

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DWG Benchmarking Services

  • Since 2002, DWG has carried out 700 benchmark evaluations of intranets and digital workplaces of major organizations.
  • We draw on our unique set of diagnostics, data and examples to independently assess how your organization is performing – with recommendations for improvement.

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About DWG

Digital Workplace Group is a strategic partner, covering all aspects of an evolving digital workplace industry through membership, benchmarking and boutique consultancy services. 

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