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Cotswold Family Law are Divorce Solicitors in Oxfordshire. Offering expert legal advice in all areas of family law and related issues: Divorce,SeparationChildren IssuesWills & Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney.  We specialise in family law and have a people-friendly approach when working with our clients.  We want to help you choose the best option for you and offer you support thoughout the process.

What makes Cotswold Family Law different?
At Cotswold Family Law, we care about our clients and you will experience a personal, friendly and practical service from experienced staff who will support you through your case.  Family is at the heart of what we do, in particular how separation can affect children.  We promote respectful resolutions between divorcing or separating couples.  We actively encourage those involved to create the most appropriate arrangements for their individual situations.
As lawyers it is our job to convert what you want to achieve into lasting legal solutions which may be ratified by the Court to produce a binding court order, achieved through consent or a Court process. Constructive negotiation are a cost effective way to achieve a settlement, but sometimes the more traditional approach through Court action is required. However we would encourage everyone as far as possible to decide their own solution rather than have one imposed by the Court.

We understand the difficulties that can arise within relationships, how emotions, passions and stress levels can affect every family member.  We provide calm advice for complex situation and offer links with a range of other experts who can help you.

We offer a 30 minute, fixed fee, initial interview for £50.00 plus VAT or, if you would prefer, a joint information meeting for you and your partner. Increasingly couples want to approach their separation jointly right from the start. An information meeting will enable you to meet one of our Solicitors and be given information about all the options open to you including mediation, the Court process and what your options are regarding children and the family assets.

An information meeting is just that – information for both of you – not advice. A lawyer can only act for one party but can give impartial information to both.

For a fresh approach to family law, contact Cotswold Family Law. Or consider the alternative approach Mediation.

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