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One tiny wild bird changed Hannah Bourne-Taylor’s life. Fledgling tells the story of how rescuing, hand raising and releasing wild birds while living a remote existence in rural Ghana redefined her identity and helped her overcome isolation and anxiety. Sharing part of her life with a finch who accepted Hannah as his surrogate mother, the vast differences between humans and wild creatures shrunk so there were none. Fledgling is a beguilingly honest and personal memoir about identity, belonging and coexistence but most of all it is a love story between Hannah and one very gregarious finch. Fledgling her debut nature memoir has gone viral across the world, being covered in international newspapers, radio and television including BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live and BBC News.

Hannah was a photographer and copywriter in London before moving to rural Ghana in 2013 where she lived for 7 years. Supporting her husband’s work at a sports and education foundation, Hannah made documentaries on gender equality, tutored students and began her writing career. She has ghostwritten and edited several books including working closely with Anne Glenconner for the bestselling Lady in Waiting and Norman Scott for An Accidental Icon.

Now living in Oxfordshire, Hannah is a conservationist, focusing on how to support the wildlife on our doorsteps. As a writer, Hannah seeks to break down the wild through portraits of individual creatures and landscapes. Through rescuing and raising wild birds, Hannah learnt that an individual can make a difference no matter how small and every wild creature is just as unique as we all are. Using nature writing as a platform, Hannah is on a personal, sometimes intense, always passionate mission to bring nature into the hands of readers through the power of wonder.

Hannah will be interviewed by Alison Gomm.