Look away for a moment and it's easy to lose track of the next chapter of the Brexit story. Join Ian Dunt, one of the most astute and well-informed of the Brexit watchers, and a panel of broadcasters, campaigners and journalists as they unpick, analyse and speculate about how Brexit will unfurl and the repercussions for people and politics.

Musical satirist Mitch Benn will bring his campaigning voice alongside some comedy to our Brexit discussions.

Dr Rachel Clarke, author and palliative care doctor, will explore her concerns about the impact of Brexit on the NHS, the future of which has been at the heart of Brexit campaigns and debates.

Co-founder and chief spokesperson of Our Future, Our Choice, a youth campaign for a People’s Vote, Femi Oluwole hopes to promote discussion around the issues that underlay the referendum.

Do join us for this very current affair, we can guarantee a fascinating and provocative event.