Once associated with a certain 1970s naffness, vermouths have come a long way. While the current craze for gin shows no signs of abating, many with their fingers on the drinking pulse are tipping vermouth to be the next big thing.

Vermouths are aromatised and fortified wines, ranging in styles from the crisp and dry to the sweet and unctuous, with so many in between. Known to most of us a key ingredients in some of our favourite cocktails - the Martini, the Negroni and so many more - vermouths are also make terrific drinks in their own right and are now found on the shelves of all savvy drinkers.

Kate will be guiding us through a range of some of the best vermouths on the market, old and new, and offer an insight into the many ways they can be served. Servings will be generous and while spitoons will be provided, their use is entirely optional.

Huge thanks to the following generous donors who are contributing their delicious gins and vermouths:

Barbadillo https://www.barbadillo.com/

Campari https://www.campari.com/

Chazalettes http://chazalettes.com/

Cocchi https://www.cocchi.it/en/wines/storico-vermouth-di-torino/

Portobello Road https://www.portobelloroadgin.com/

Regal Rogue http://regalrogue.com/

Sacred Spirits https://sacredgin.com/