Route 1: Chipping Norton

Ackerman Road
Banbury Road
Banbury Road Crossing
Cotshill Gardens
London Road up to Parker Knoll
Norton Park
Rock Hill Farm Court

Route 2: Chipping Norton

Chalford Close
Cleeves Avenue
Folland Close
Marlborough Road
Over Norton Road East side
Park Road

Route 3: Chipping Norton

Insall Road
Over Norton Road West side
Wilcox Road

Route 4: Chipping Norton

Rock Hill
Coopers Square
Summerton Place

Route 5: Chipping Norton

Church Lane
Church Street
Goddard's Lane
High Street
Horse Fair
Market Place
Market Street
Middle Row
Spring Street
Whitehouse Lane

Route 6: Chipping Norton

Distons Lane
Finsbury Place
Hill Lawn Court
King's Head Court
King's Head Mews
New Street
Victoria Place

Route 7: Chipping Norton

Dunstan Avenue
Pearce Drive
William Bliss Avenue
William Bliss House
Withers Way

Route 8: Chipping Norton

Alfred Terrace
Blenheim Terrace
Cross Leys
Lewis Road
Leys Approach
Webb Crescent

Route 9: Chipping Norton

Alexandra Square
Paradise Terrace
The Leys

Route 11: Chipping Norton

Cornish Road
Hannis Road

Route 12: Chipping Norton

Hailey Avenue
Hailey Avenue Flats
Hailey Road
Hill Close
Marshall Close

Route 13: Chipping Norton

Hailey Crescent
Walterbush Road
Cotswold Villas

Route 14: Chipping Norton

Cotswold Crescent
Cotswold Crescent Bungalows
Cotswold Terrace

Route 15: Chipping Norton

Brasenose Villas
Johnston Way
Merchants Place
Spring Place
The Green
West End
West Street

Route 16: Chipping Norton

Burford Road

Route 17: Chipping Norton

Fox Close
Foxfield Court
Glovers Close
Hitchman Drive
Lodge Terrace
Wards Road

Route 18: Chipping Norton

Brassey Close
Cooper Close
Rowell Way
Shepard Way

Route 19: Chipping Norton

Albion Place
Albion Street
Coneygree Terrace
Coneygree Close
Dickenson Court
Portland Place
White Hart Mews

Route 20: Chipping Norton

Bliss Mill
Common Lane
Cox Lane
Kennel Lane
Toy Lane
Worcester Road

Route 21: Chipping Norton

London Road beyond Parker Knoll
Chalford Court
Chalford Lane
Parkers Circus
Parkers Road
Trinity Court
Trinity Road
Trinity Square

Churchill Road: Kingham

Churchill Road
Cozens Lane
Daylesford Road
Farm Road
The Green
Kingham Hill
Kingham Hill School
Manor Farm Close
The Moat
West End
West Street

Church Street: Kingham

Church Street
Coxmoor Close
Field Road
Fowlers Road
The Grange
Meadow Way
New Road
Orchard Way
Station Road