The books reviewed below aren't appearing at the festival but they have helped inform how Wise Investment staff see the financial world.

Robert Blinkhorn, Investment Manager: The Big Short by Michael Lewis

In this book, Michael Lewis provides us with an insight into the evolution of mortgage-backed securities that started as an innovative solution. However, as all too often occurs, it became a method of abusive and arguably fraudulent practice that brought the financial system to its knees in 2008. We are led through these events via the experiences of a handful of professional investors who, largely independently of one another, identified the flaws in these aggregated debt vehicles that were generally assembled and sold on by investment banks. What is truly fascinating in this narrative is that despite their acumen, their experience generally left them scarred both emotionally and professionally. It also permanently altered their relationship with the world of finance.

Jo Radcliffe, Head of Paraplanning: Net Positive by Paul Polman & Andrew Winston
The previous CEO of Unilever (Polman) and sustainable business specialist (Winston) explain to us that companies can profit from solving, rather than creating, the world’s problems. To flourish over the long-term companies must aim for net positive, that is they must give more to the planet than they take. Polman and Winston borrow from years of experience to make strong arguments that businesses should improve the lives of everyone that they touch: employees, customers, suppliers and communities. They should take ownership of the impact they create, and call on others to do more, and be more. A ‘must read’ for any business or person looking to become net zero – because it is time to look beyond and become net positive.

Angus Aston, Senior Financial Planner: The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson

In The Ascent of Money, the historian Niall Ferguson takes us on an entertaining journey through the development of money as an essential feature of our society. The author shows us how finance has had a role to play in many of the most significant events in our history, both good and bad. However, he also asks us to consider what a world without money might look like (and it isn’t attractive!). Published in 2008, just before the Great Financial Crisis, it was too early to consider the invention of cryptocurrencies, but I am sure on a close reading, this book may offer up clues as to what might happen next…

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A new book from Bank of England staff, Jack Meaning and Rupal Patel, might prove really interesting to the Wise Investment team. Jack and Rupal hope to promote economic literacy with their accessible, authoritative and witty new book, Can't We Just Print More Money?
Can't We Just Print More Money 13:15-13:45 Sat 23 April Methodist Lower Hall

For ChipLitFest 2022, Wise Investment are sponsoring the event When the Dust Settles, the memoir from Prof Lucy Easthope, the country's leading authority on recovering from disaster. She understands all about planning for the unknown as well as recovering from the unexpected.
When the Dust Settles 11:00-12:00 Sun 24 April The Theatre