Sky Song is an enchanting roller coaster ride of a story, promising invigorating moments and boasting characters full of life and emotion. I was like a child in a toy shop, begging for one thing and soon being dragged away to something I would realise I loved even more. The outside of this tale may be phenomenal, but at the very core of this alluring tale is where you will find a sense of magic in the wild, unknown place that is Erkenwald, as Eska finds her place and her voice in all the madness the ice queen has brought with her.

Recommended age: 9+
Rating: 5 stars
Fear points: 1 / 5 None
Category: Winter, adventure, fiction, friendship, fantasy

Synopsis :

Eska crouches, helpless and frozen, in the glass dome of an enchanted music box, unwilling to speak and unable to move by her own accord. All she can do is watch in vain as she waits, hopes for someone to come save her so she can escape her ice cold prison.

Erkenwald was a place of magic and wonders, created by the Sky God the North Star, who was carved out of stardust. He breathed life into every inch of the land that still held magic from the beginning of creation. But one day, darkness came to Erkenwald in the form of the Ice Queen, a lesser Sky God, so it was plunged headfirst into war.

Despite his tribe and the Feather tribe being stripped of its adults and being forced into hiding, Flint of the Fur tribe is brave (or perhaps dumb enough) to break into the castle of the Ice Queen in order to find his mother, but is the kind of kid who "usually only discovers where he is going halfway through a journey, and when he arrives is usually somewhere he didn't intend to be." So he end sup finding Eska instead, with no idea how important she and her voice are. Thanks to this, he doesn't realise that the Ice Queen will do everything in her power to get Eska back, and she has a lot of power.

Eska is taken to the Fur Tribe, where she is cast out immediately and left for the Ice Queen to find, but thanks to an eagle and a strange bear, Eska soon finds her purpose as the singer of the Sky Song, and also finds Flint once more to help her on her journey to find the legendary Frost Horn so they can stop the Ice Queen once and for all.

Stuff parents might wanna know :

Educational value: 1/5 Not really- mostly to do with fiction

Positive messages: 4/5 Never underestimate the bond between to friends

Positive role models: 4/5 Balapan

Violence: 1/5 A little fighting- not very graphic

Naughty bits: 0/5 Nope

Language: 0/5 None

Drinking, drugs, smoking: 1/5 Noooooooo

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