Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan. Review by Robo Epic Guy (taken, with permission, from his fantastic website)

I like dark magic, and any kind of magic, really. So, if you do too, then I highly recommend this book to you. With bats called Hades, girls who secretly learn magic, and a kid who can shoot perfect shots with a bow (without ANY proper training, except from his Dad who taught him a grip), Shadow Magic is both mysterious and epic! 

Joshua Khan’s secrets are well kept, lurking within the pages at the end of the book. Don't even think about sleeping, this story is too good to put down.


Recommended age: 10

Rating: 5 star

Fear points : 1/ 5  Yep, there are one or two bloody parts. 

Category:  Magic, mystery, recommended, #new cover
Synopsis : 
House Shadow and House Solar have been at each other’s necks for as long as anyone can remember. When they do make a truce, not everyone is happy about it. Although it may be a truce, House Solar will definitely come out on top as they will take over Castle Gloom through the marriage of Lilith Shadow and their prince, Gabriel Solar (who is completely arrogant, no arguments there). 


Lilith is a Princess, soon to be Queen, but she wishes everything was back to how it was before her family were murdered. Thorn is a slave, something he wasn't meant to be. They both have one thing missing from their life, the freedom they deserve. There is one thing only Lilith has though and it is a ruthless assassin trying to kill her! The assassin is the last surviving member of the band that killed her family, and they're looking to finish the job! Who is this mysterious assassin? Can they be stopped? Mystery and betrayal is to come in Shadow Magic as Lilith, Thorn and K’leef (a prisoner from the Sultanate of fire) search for them. They can’t do it alone though. Help comes in the form of a massive bat called Hades, who seems to be immortal (he’s not).  


Stuff parents might wanna know :

Educational value:     
1/5   Erm, can’t say much here.

Positive messages:   
2/5   Not everyone is guilty as charged.
Positive role models:
1/5   Oops, sorry. None really.

2/5   Well people do try to kill each other.   

Naughty bits:
0/5    Nope, just sad bits.

0/5   Nope.

Drinking, drugs, smoking:
0/5  Nope

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