Readers First, ChipLitFest's Headline Sponsor, talks about festivals, free books,

Why do we come to book festivals? To talk about books, share our opinions, discover new reads, listen to interesting people?? Of course! To meet old friends and as an excuse for a drink? Quite likely (you know who you are). To keep an eye out for freebies and book giveaways – well, if you insist…

So, when this year we started, the UK’s new reading and reviewing community, we knew we’d be ideally suited as a partner for ChipLitFest (and not just because the boss, lucky person, lives round the corner):

Talking about books? Check.

Helping you to discover new books and share your opinions on them – our raison d'être.

As an excuse for a drink? Well, if you’re round our stand in the Market Square after 4pm, er, ok, 3pm… But surely not books to give away??? Actually, yes. At Readers First we provide free copies of upcoming books before they’re published in the hope you’ll then share your thoughts on them. Simple as that.

So we knew we were a perfect match with the festival. In fact, we’re so at home at ChipLitFest that we’re even sharing the Information Point. Please do come and see us Saturday or Sunday in the Market Square. We’re very friendly (especially after 3pm…), and always happy to explain how you can get regular free books from Readers First or just to have a chat about good reads. And there might just be some boxes of free books tucked away at the back of our trailer (if only I can move the crate of Châteauneuf-du-Pape)…

Hope to see you there,

The Readers First team

Readers First will be on the ChipLitFest Information Point in the Market Square all-day on Saturday 29 April and Sunday 30 April. With a big pile of free books or just for a chat.