Overnight sensations

New Voices 2019 features three writers new celebrating their first novels. They are also celebrating runaway success. Laura Parker charts their rise.

Lost and Found

Laura Parker gets hooked on Kate Spicer's compelling account of a lost dog. And so much more. 8pm Thurs 25 April, The Theatre

The line of beauty and the age of the chair

Laura Parker reviews Primate Change by Vybarr Cregan-Reid ahead of our Modern Life event (2pm Sat 27 April) exploring the toll the 21st century is taking on our bodies.

Once Upon This Time

Sixth former Pheebs reviews Nikita Gill's Fierce Fairytales, coming to ChipLitFest on 26 April.

Write now

Writing to make you happy, distil your sadness or plot your journey in life.

Laura Parker outlines the Festival workshops to make you laugh, think and get writing

Taken from real life

Does everyone have a novel in them – or is it just journalists? Laura Parker does some background research.


Liza Tarbuck is bringing her annual for grown-ups to ChipLitFest on 29 April. Junior reporter, Pheebs, reviews I An Distracted By Everything.


Ahead of Caspar Henderson's family event on Sun 29 April, our sixth-former reporter, Pheebs, enjoys a very pleasant journey from Base Knowledge Metropolis to Enlightenment Ville...

Want to meet some wild, adventurous and inspiring women?

This year at ChipLitFest we are celebrating women of endeavour. As women over the world rise up to lift awareness of the obstacles they face in their professional and personal lives, we’ll be joined by some amazing women who have faced and beaten immense challenges: physical, political and personal.


Will Self thinks we’ve had it with novels - “…absolutely doomed to become a marginal cultural form, along with easel painting and the classical symphony,” but at ChipLitFest the novel is alive and kicking and we’re going to be celebrating our love for it.