So what are the best ways to broaden your reading horizons and discover new characters, go on new adventures and explore new worlds?

  • 1. Ask a bookseller

Booksellers know books like a butcher knows meat or a plumber knows . . . well, plumbing.  They love to talk about books, and will be more than happy to help you find something you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. If you let them know what type of thing you’ve liked reading in the past, they’ll find you a new book in no time that might just become your new favourite read.

The local festival booksellers are Jaffé & Neale in Chipping Norton and we know they’ll help you find something fantastic to read that you may never have thought of picking up.

  • 2. Revisit a classic you’ve never read

Everyone has a ‘books-I-should-have-read’ pile generally a mile high. This includes those books that were on the reading syllabus in school, bestsellers from 10 years ago, a book you were given for Christmas that your cousin or sister-in-law or uncle said you simply must read, and the classic list of books everyone should read ( ). Grab the top one from the pile and just go at it – if you’re not enjoying it after 50 or 100 pages, you’re not obliged to finish! 

  • 3. Join Readers First

If you’re looking for a new book but aren’t sure what you want, try Readers First: a new online community where you can get books before they’re in shops to read and share with your friends. There are new books to sample and win each week in a range of genres from young adult fiction and saga to historical and thrilling crime fiction.

 So if you’re looking for a place to find your next favourite book no matter what you do or don’t usually read this is the one for you. Sign up today and get your choice of one of four free books to start you on your next reading journey.

Of course, Chipping Norton Literary Festival is also a fantastic place to discover new books and meet new authors. The festival programme is filled with authors and events for you to try. See the full calendar of events here.