ChipLitFest authors in the news

Laura Parker presents a round-up of some of the ChipLitFest 2017 authors who are making the news.

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Historical Happenings

Historical happenings at ChipLitFest

Visitors to last year’s Festival named history as one of their favourite categories. This year we’ve got plenty to offer lovers of the past.

Laura Parker highlights the historical happenings. 

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Instructions for a Second Hand Heart By Tamsyn Murray

Tamsyn Murray writes for all ages of young people, she'll be at the Festival doing an event about her series Tanglewood Animal Park for children 7+. Her teen novel, Instructions for a Second Hand Heart, is reviewed here by our junior reporter, Pheebs

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BLOOD DONORS by Steve Tasane

Novelist and performance poet Steve Tasane has joined ChipLitFest this year to work with vulnerable young people in non-mainstream education. Pheebs, our teen reporter, has reviewed Steve's book, Blood Donors, and interviewed him. 

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Chuck Grieve remembers how ChipLitFest helped a local author get her first book published.

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Eyes on the Prize

Laura Parker guides us through the world of literary prizes. 

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