Andrew McKay

Jim Al-Khalili

Professor Jim Al-Khalili is a quantum physicist, science writer and broadcaster. He joins us for a special event on 16 April to discuss his first novel, Sunfall.

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Steven Joyce

Amer Anwar

One of our irresistible trio of debut thriller writers, Amer brings Brothers in Blood to the New Thrillers panel. His crime-solving hero is no ordinary detective having recently been released from prison.

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Emma Bache

Graphologist Emma Bache brings her expert analysis to Chipping Norton's handwriting. We write by hand less than we used to but it still reveals fascinating details about our character.

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Duncan Beedie

Duncan has been drawing since he was a child and now he is an adult, he spends his time drawing for children. Come and meet some of his wonderful creations including Molly, a moth on her way to the moon.

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Luiz Hara

Marina Benjamin

As brief but as vital as an insomniac's sleep, Marina's astonishing account of her own relationships with the small hours, Insomnia, is part of our panel discussion about Modern Life.

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Mitch Benn

Musical satirist Mitch Benn has been a passionate, campaigning Remainer. He joins Ian Dunt, Dr Rachel Clarke and Femi Oluwole to speculate on Brexit: What's Next?

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Mark Billingham

Mark is a Festival patron and well-established Festival favourite. He returns to ChipLitFest 2019 to interview crime-writing couples Nicci French and Ambrose Parry as well as hosting another devilishly difficult ChipLit Quiz.

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BBC Four Thought

Brian Bilston

Brian Bilston - international poet of mystery.

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Pal Hansen

Jo Brand

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman and sometimes it's time to be a hard woman. The inimitable Jo Brand's latest, Born Lippy, is a book for all those times.

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Peter Bunzl

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Peter's will be brining his much-loved Cogheart stories to Key Stage 2 pupils.

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Candice Carty-Williams

With a background in journalism and publishing, it was highly likely that Candice Carty-Williams would turn her hand to novel writing. Find out all about her irresistible debut Queenie at our unmissable New Voices 2019 event.

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Alexander James

Kate Clanchy

Kate Clanchy has taught in state schools for nearly thirty years. Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me is her extraordinary memoir, and she and Bali Rai will be discussing how a Creative Classroom brings such huge benefit to pupils and teachers alike.

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Laura Gallant

Rachel Clarke

Palliative care specialist and best-selling author, Dr Rachel Clarke joins Ian Dunt, Mitch Benn and Femi Oluwole to speculate on Brexit: What's Next? and in particular, the impact on the NHS of leaving the EU.

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Orland Gili

Angela Clutton

Food writer, historian and cook, Angela Clutton joins ChipLitFest to bring details and demonstrations about how vinegars can be your secret weapon in the kitchen.

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Jo Cotterill

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Jo will be talking about her award-winning stories to primary school pupils.

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Vybarr Cregan-Reid

Author, academic and running enthusiast Vybarr Cregan-Reid returns to ChipLitFest with his compelling study of the modern demands on the human body, Primate Change: how the world we made is remaking us.

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Kay Lockett

Laura Dennison and Eve Simmons

Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison, both of whom have suffered eating disorders, are the co-founders of the website, Not Plant Based. Their book, Eat It Anyway, aims to fight the food fads, beat anxiety and allow you to eat in peace.

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Becky Buckle

John Dougherty

Festival favourite and founder patron John Dougherty is back! Writer of There's a Pig up my Nose and the Stinkbomb & Ketchup-Face series, John is also a musician and poet.

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Jonny Duddle

Author and illustrator Jonny Duddle bring the latest instalment of his best-selling Pirates Next Door series, The Pirates of Scurvy Sands. Ahoy!

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Michael Dunn

Michael is one of the Very Short Introduction lecturers. He will be discussing medical ethics.

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Ian Dunt

Editor of, Ian Dunt is the author of Brexit:What the Hell Happens Now? He is returning to ChipLitFest to keep us up to date with the ever-changing news about Brexit.

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Catherine Evans

Catherine is a ChipLitFest trustee who organises the annual short story competition. As usual, she will be host the award ceremony and, for the first time, join the Festival lineup as an interviewer.

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Alys Tomlinson

Lissa Evans

Screenwriter, novelist, children's writer, Lissa Evans comes to ChipLitFest to interview Jo Brand and to talk about writing funny fiction.

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Olaf Falafel

Olaf Falafel says he is a stupid comedian & kids' book illustrator and author. Responsible for the Old MacDonald Heard a Parp series, Olaf's latest book about the moon landing and some baboons will be making Chipping Norton's children laugh. A lot.

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Nicci French

Nicci Gerrard and her husband, Sean French, who write as Nicci French, join another crime-writing couple, Ambrose Parry to talk about the joys (and horrors) of writing with your partner.

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Nottingham Trent University

Angela Gallop

Prof Angela Gallop, one of the world's leading forensic scientists, brings her fascinating and compelling memoir - When the Dogs Don't Bark - to ChipLitFest.

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Colin Thomas

Frank Gardner

The BBC's Security Correspondent, Frank Gardner combines his international broadcasting and journalistic career with best-selling thriller writing. Ultimatum, the second Luke Carlton novel is out now.

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Nikita Gill

Poet Nikita Gill has rewritten familiar fairy tales for the modern day. Nikita has a huge social media following and this collection of Fierce Fairytales reveals her empowering and inspirational message.

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Alison Gomm

Editor and regular ChipLitFest interviewer, Alison's interests range from literature to journalism to the classics.

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Candy Gourlay

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Candy will be working with some of our younger pupils using her gorgeous book Is it a Mermaid?

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Christina Janssen

Jane Graham Maw

Jane Graham Maw is a literary agent whose clients include ChipLitFest authors Vybarr Cregan-Reid and Raynor Winn. Jane and Raynor will be discussing the evolution of Raynor's best-selling book, The Salt Path.

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Lauren Psyk

Joe Haddow

Joe is now a regular ChipLitFest interviewer. And, as usual, he will be talking to our debut novelists in the New Voices event.

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Ollie Grove

Stacey Halls

Debut novelist Stacey Halls will discuss her route to publication of her Pendle witches story, The Familiars, as part of the day-long writers' workshop, Trade Secrets.

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Saira Hamilton

ChipLitFest favourite Saira returns with a brand new book, My Bangladesh Kitchen - recipes and food memories from a family kitchen.

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Stefan Booth

Kate Hawkings

Food and drink writer, Kate Hawkings, joins us for an introduction to vermouth and the world of the aperitif. Prepare to make a new friend.

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Megan C Hayes

Megan teaches creative writing at Teesside University and is a passionate advocate for writing for health. Join her Positive Journal workshop to explore the links between writing, mental health and happiness.

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James Betts

Natalie Haynes

In her latest novel, A Thousand Ships, broadcaster and classicist Natalie Haynes retells the story of the Trojan War from an all-female perspective.

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Sophie Carson

Sue Heap

Chipping Norton resident, Sue is an author and illustrator of children's books. She frequently collaborates with authors Nick Sharratt and Teresa Heapy who joins her at this year's ChipLitFest.

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Harry Heape

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Harry will be introducing readers to the hilarious world of Shiny Pippin - a girl who can talk to animals!

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Hugh Warwick

Teresa Heapy

Teresa has gone from publishing books to writing them. She's at ChipLitFest to join frequent collaborator Sue Heap with whom she wrote the Very Little series.

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Belinda Jack

Professor Belinda Jack is one of our Very Short Introduction lecturers. She will be discussing reading and literacy.

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Jane Jelley

Vermeer's luminous paintings are much loved, yet we do not understand how they were made. Artist Jane Jelley has taken up the challenge to find out.

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Liz Hingley

Helen Jukes

Helen's book A Honeybee Heart has Five Openings is the captivating account of Helen's first year of keeping bees. She joins the panel of Small Nature to talk about the honeybee. Helen was a tutor on our Nov 2018 Trade Secrets workshop all about non-fiction writing.

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Nirupama Khan

Vaseem Khan

Author of the Baby Ganesh Agency thrillers and the Business Director at UCL Dept of Security and Crime Science, Vaseem returns to ChipLitFest to talk about forensic science with Prof Angela Gallop as well as his own writing.

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Travis McBride

Jess Kidd

Jess Kidd brings her third novel, Things in Jars, to ChipLitFest as part of the Modern Gothic event. A literary mystery set in Victorian London concerning a non-existent child, Jess lends her distinctive, award-winning voice to this unsettling tale.

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Zoe King

Literary agent, Zoe King, specialises in non-fiction writing and is coming to ChipLitFest to give professional feedback to aspiring authors.

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Patrice Lawrence

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Patrice will be working in secondary schools with her extraordinary young adult stories, Orangeboy and Indigo Donut.

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M.G. Leonard

Award-winning and best-selling, M.G. Leonard's Battle of the Beetles series sees Darkus Cuttle, his friends and their beetles battle for the future of humanity, no less!

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Paul Luna

Paul Luna is one of our Very Short Introduction lecturers. He will be discussing typography and graphic communication.

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Heledd Roberts Photography

Clare Mackintosh

ChipLitFest founder member and patron, Clare makes a very welcome return to Chipping Norton to discus her latest book - not a best-selling thriller this time but a collection of notes and thoughts about A Cotswold Family Life. Clare will also be interviewing our debut crime writers at the New Thrillers event.

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Mat Smith Photography

Elizabeth Macneal

The Doll Factory is Elizabeth Macneal's hotly anticipated debut novel. Not published until May, we have advance copies available and the chance to hear all about it at the New Voices 2019 panel.

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Dr Una McCormack

Science Fiction writer, Dr Una McCormack, joins ChipLitFest for the first time to interview Prof Jim Al-Khalili about his debut, futuristic thriller, Sunfall.

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Philip Mould & Company

Philip Mould OBE

Art dealer, author and broadcaster Philip Mould joins us to discuss paintings of childhood and the new exhibition at Compton Verney.

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Marcus Shuttleworth

Oli Munson

Oli Munson is a literary agent who is part of our team of industry insiders for the writers' day-long workshop, Trade Secrets. He looks for "books that have a clear pitch; a hook that has me immediately wanting to know more."

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Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann is again joining ChipLitFest as an interviewer. She's an anthropologist, archaeologist and adventurer.

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Femi Oluwole

Femi is a law graduate who began a career in European human rights and, as he says, 'wound up talking about Brexit all the time'. He joins Ian Dunt, Mitch Benn and Dr Rachel Clarke to speculate on Brexit: What's Next?

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Amy Orrock

Dr Amy Orrock joins Philip Mould to discuss curating Compton Verney's Painting Childhood exhibition.

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Alan Trotter

Ambrose Parry

Husband and wife writing team, Ambrose Parry, join Nicci French to discuss their thrilling debut novel, The Way of All Flesh.

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Anthony Upton

Michelle Paver

Michelle Paver writes for children and adults and sells millions of copies of her books. We are very excited to introduce Michelle's latest novel, Wakenhyrst, which promises to intrigue and terrify in equal measure. All will be revealed at the Modern Gothic event.

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Raman Prinja

Professor of Astrophysics at UCL, Raman brings his expertise and passion for stars and galaxies to our amazing family event, Planetarium. Out of this world!

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Bali Rai

In November 2018 Bali ran creative writing courses for young people who are in non-mainstream education. Read some of the amazing writing previous students have done at Bali's workshops. He is also speaking at the Festival about the value of creativity in the classroom.

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Cathy Rentzenbrink

Cathy Rentzenbrink returns to ChipLitFest to run a workshop about life writing, an example of which is beautifully demonstrated by her account of her brother's life and death, The Last Act of Love.

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David Churchill Photography

Amanda Reynolds

Psychological thriller writer Amanda joins ChipLitFest for the first time to lead a writers' workshop all about getting started and keeping going on your debut novel.

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Jasmine Richards

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Jasmine is bringing her thrilling fantasy stories to Key Stage 2 pupils.

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Andy Riley

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Andy and his hero King Edwin Flashypants will be bringing laughs to Key Stage 1 pupils.

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Stewart Ross

Stewart and his amazing repertoire of books and stories, returns to ChipLitFest with dazzling tales of the moon.

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Nicholas Royle

Novelist, editor and publisher, Nicholas is the judge for ChipLitFest's short story competition in 2019.

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Greg James

Alan Rusbridger

Long-time editor-in-chief of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger brings his powerful study of the news media, Breaking News: the remaking of journalism and why it matters now, to ChipLitFest.

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SF Said

Festival patron SF Said is the author of the modern classic, Varjak Paw. Last year, SF worked in some of local schools, we're delighted that he's back for a public event.

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Lloyd Mann, Cambridge University

Bobby Seagull

University Challenge 2017 star, Bobby Seagull, is a West Ham fan, one half of Monkman & Seagull BBC TV show, a Maths teacher & Doctorate student spreading love of Maths. We're very excited to bring The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers to ChipLitFest.

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Laura Shepherd-Robinson

Debut novelist Laura joins the New Thrillers panel to discuss her striking historical thriller, Blood & Sugar, about London's slave trade. A gruesome murder threatens to reveal dangerous secrets kept carefully hidden.

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Simon Weller

John Simpson

One of the most familiar faces in broadcasting around the world, John Simpson comes to ChipLitFest as his truly thrilling novel, Moscow, Midnight, is published in paperback.

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Chitra Soundar

Chitra is an Indian-born British author and storyteller. She has published more than 30 books and is inspired by the rich heritage of epics and folktales from India as well as India's natural beauty.

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Gerrard Gethings

Kate Spicer

Kate and Wolfy Spicer have teamed up as a mutual self-help duo, each rescuing the other. Lost Dog is the brilliant, life-affirming tragicomic memoir that describes their relationship.

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Fiona Stafford

Fiona Stafford's latest book, The Brief Life of Flowers, is featured as part of our exploration of Small Nature. Fiona is an English Professor at Oxford as well the author of The Long, Long Life of Trees, and Jane Austen: A Brief Life.

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Paul Musso

Andy Stanton

Andy Stanton writes funny books for kids. Really funny. Maybe the funniest. Come and find out.

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Max von Seibold

Robin Stevens

Robin, author of the Murder Most Unladylike series and ChipLitFest patron, is returning to Chipping Norton in January 2019 to work with primary school pupils to inspire them to write their own short stories.

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Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

Nina Stibbe

Nina Stibbe's latest novel, Reasons to be Cheerful, is a much-needed gift in these troubling times - a funny book! She is on our Having a Laugh panel to discuss what makes us laugh when we are reading.

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Helen Rogers

Adrian Tinniswood

Social historian Adrian Tinniswood joins us for Afternoon Tea and a sneak behind the throne into the domestic lives of the royal households.

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Charlotte Knee Photography

Harriet Tyce

One of our irresistible trio of debut thriller writers, Harriet brings Blood Orange to the New Thrillers panel. Harriet takes psychological suspense to a whole new level, not to be missed.

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Jonathan Ring

Jo Unwin

Jo is a literary agent with a background in acting and scriptwriting. As well as representing several ChipLitFest 2019 authors, Jo will be giving insider tips on getting a literary agent and interviewing our panel of funny writers.

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Zool Verjee

Zool is the Sales Development Manager at Blackwell's Bookshop in Oxford. He is joining ChipLitFest as an interviewer; he has also been a tutor on our Nov 2018 Trade Secrets workshop about non-fiction writing.

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Zoe Broughton

Hugh Warwick

Hugh is a spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and he joins our Small Nature panel; he's best described as an ecologist, writer and passionate fan of the hedgehog.

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Lucy Walters

Join storyteller Lucy Walters to find out how two young dragons help each other to get home.

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Bill Harris

Jane Wenham-Jones

Jane is a novelist, public speaker, columnist and regular interviewer at ChipLitFest. We are delighted to welcome her back, the Festival wouldn't be the same without her.

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Prof Kate Williams

Best-selling author and broadcaster Kate Williams’ Rivals Queens offers an electrifying new perspective on Elizabeth and Mary, and the most important relationship of their lives – that which they had with one another.

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Marcia Williams

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Marcia will bring her famous retellings and illustrations of classic stories.

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Raynor Winn

Raynor Winn's life-affirming account, The Salt Path, of walking the South West Coast Path with her terminally ill husband is a Costa and Wainwright nominated best-seller. She joins her agent Jane Graham Maw to reveal how the book came to life.

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Chris Wormell

Chris' illustrations are on some of the best-selling books of recent years including Philip Pullman's La Belle Sauvage. See his work on the cosmos come to life in our fantastic family event, Planetarium.

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Colin Hawkins

Anne Youngson

Shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award, Anne Youngson's debut novel Meet Me at the Museum has already had a huge impact. She joins two other debuts for our New Voices 2019 panel.

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Yuval Zommer

We are delighted to welcome Yuval and his stunning illustrations to ChipLitFest. His wonderful wildlife drawings inspire children to look more closely at the nature around them and to take care of their environment.

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Kate Craigie

Kate is an editor at John Murray Books. She is one of the tutors on our Trade Secrets workshop all about non-fiction writing.

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Dominic Sandbrook

Historian, columnist and Visiting Professor at King's College London, Dominic is one of the tutors on our Trade Secrets workshop all about non-fiction writing.

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IW Photographic

Ade Adepitan

Paralympian, TV presenter and campaigner, Ade Adepitan, comes to ChipLitFest to introduce his fantastic new series Ade's Amazing Ade-ventures.

(14 March) Unfortunately Ade has had to cancel his event on 27 April. The Box Office will be in touch for refunds.

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Emma Freeman

Gina Miller

Gina Miller came to prominence when she successfully challenged the UK government's authority to trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval. Her book, Rise, is an extraordinary account of what it means to stand up for justice, and for yourself, no matter the cost.

(18 March) Unfortunately Gina has had to cancel her event on 28 April. The Box Office will be in touch for refunds. And watch this space for a new current affairs event.

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