Zak Simmonds-Hurn

Zak Simmonds-Hurn is an artist for a wide range of comics.

He began his career drawing for the brilliant, but short-lived The DFC, illustrating The Strange Strange World of Weird (writer: Robin Etherington). Since then he has drawn for many projects, including covers for Doctor Who, Kung Fu Panda, DC Superhero Girls, Macmillan’s Draw It, Colour It, Beasts and the book Let’s Make Comics with writer Robin Etherington.

Zak mostly works for the weekly Children’s comic The Phoenix, having written and drawn Sky Drifters as well as drawing Simon Swift (writer: Tom Fickling), The Boy With Two Heads (writer: Andy Mulligan) and Tales From HQ.

As well as comics, he has created large-scale office murals, concept art and storyboards for animation and has led numerous comic-making workshops for children.

Zak lives in Northamptonshire with his illustrator girlfriend Nikki Dyson.