Nicholas Crane

Nicholas Crane is the author of Mercator, the Man Who Mapped the Planet, a lead presenter for many years on BBC’s COAST and current President of the Royal Geographical Society. He is a rare combination: a prize-winning writer, geographer and cartographic expert with a charisma that brings his personal passions alive. And now, The Making of the British Landscape is Crane’s masterwork, the distillation of a lifetime of writing and thinking about people and place.

His previous titles include Two Degrees West: An English Journey;  Great British Journeys; Coast: Our Island Story and Clear Waters Rising: A Mountain Walk Across Europe which won the 1997 Thomas Cook / Daily Telegraph Travel Book Award. In recent years, Nick has become best known for his TV work, presenting five BBC2 series: Coast, Map Man, Great British Journeys, Nicholas Crane’s Britannia and Town. He was Vice-President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and in 2015 was elected President of the Royal Geographical Society.  He lives in London.