Thursday 07 October 19:30 – 20:30

Wildflowers for The Queen

The Theatre



£15.00 each

Miranda Brooks, a landscape architect and American Vogue Contributing Editor, is credited as redefining garden design with her rambling, romantic style.

Brooks grew up in rural Hertfordshire and fell in love with landscaping after a long year of gardening paying penance for crashing the family car as a ten year old. Her punishment of weeding was to become the beginning of her greatest passion.

She followed up a degree in art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, with a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture from Birmingham University and then went on to refine her trade under the guidance of award-winning horticulturalist Arabella Lennox-Boyd. Brooks credits Lennox-Boyd for training her to be first and foremost a “plantsman”. Her clients include everyone from Anna Wintour to Tory Burch. Brooks splits her time between Brooklyn and the Cotswolds with her architect husband, Bastien Halard and their two children.

Miranda is one of the contributing essayists for Wildflowers for The Queen.

Ricardo Labougle