Emma Norry writes for children and young people.

Son of the Circus (Scholastic, 2019) is set in Victorian times with Pablo Fanque (the first black circus owner) as inspiration.

Amber Undercover, (OUP, 2021) is a fun action-adventure spy story for 10+.

She also has short stories in: Happy Here (Knights Of, 2021), The Place for Me: Stories from the Windrush (Scholastic, 2020), VE Day (Scholastic), Dr Who Origins (Puffin) and The Very Merry Murder Club (Farshore, 2021).

Non-fiction includes a biography of Lionel Messi (Scholastic, 2020), and Nelson Mandela (Puffin, 2020).

April 2022 saw an episode of Eastenders screened and in August 2022 Mary Prince (Scholastic) was published.

FABLEHOUSE, the first in a two book magical adventure series, is due out 8 June 2023 (Bloomsbury).