Emma has been working as a graphologist or handwriting expert since 1989, analysing handwriting for both the corporate and private sectors, building up an enviable client list which over the years has included members of the aristocracy and celebrities as well as businesses ranging from city institutions, recruitment agencies, hotels, charities and property companies.

From a relatively small sample of handwriting she can reveal fascinating insights into the personality and character of the individual including reliability, energy levels, social skills, honesty and even health issues as well as compatibility between couples and business associates.

Emma has made countless appearances for both the BBC and Independent channels. Appearances have included two series of History Hunt with Bill Oddie for BBC, GMTV’s This Morning and Premier League for Sky during which she analysed top premier league footballers. She has also helped resolve forgery cases such as the RBS scandal featured in the Mail on Sunday in 2018.

Radio appearances have included both BBC and regional - Radio 4’s Midweek and Today programmes as well as the World Service.