Clive Goddard

Clive Goddard didn’t know he was a writer until the first Fintan Fedora book happened. He thought he was a cartoonist. It was illustrating all those Horribly Famous books which probably gave him this idea. To celebrate this new-found career he has bought himself a hat with ‘writer’ written on it and a new pen that can do four different colours. He lives in Oxford with his wife, some of his children and an assortment of annoying cats.

When not drawing cartoons or writing about a disastrous explorer he loves to go off on disastrous expeditions of his own. As well as missing planes, getting on the wrong trains and getting hopelessly lost in Japan he has been stranded in the USA by a volcanic eruption, chased by an angry ostrich in Swaziland, burnt his back while snorkelling off Hawaii, lost his camera in Tasmania, got heatstroke in Namibia, was bitten by a venomous spider and ran through a glass door in South Africa, got food poisoning in Thailand and Italy, had his rucksack leaked on by a toilet in Holland and was robbed in China (twice). He also spent some time in Russia where, amazingly, nothing much went wrong.

To date Clive has illustrated 28 Scholastic non-fiction titles, written three Fintan Fedora novels, won two literary awards and lost his pen that can do four different colours. He enjoys touring UK schools, bookshops and libraries giving illustrated talks and being silly in public.