​Driver/chaperones for school events

The schools events take place on the Thursday of the Festival weekend. There are 14 schools' events and we need drivers who can check in at the Schools Hub/Jaffé & Neale; collect branding materials, the author, bookseller and books. Drive to the school; set up; ensure author has everything they need eg water; help with bookselling and signing at the end of the event (get children in a line, money ready etc and names written on a piece of paper can help the author). Drive kit and people back to Schools Hub/Jaffé & Neale. 

Front of House Managers

In order to improve the smooth running of events, this year we are asking for Front of House managers who can give a whole day at one venue – times will vary according to venue use. The venue will be set up so duties include ensuring that it is kept in order between events, that any sponsors/VIPs are welcomed, any sponsorship requirements are sorted for each event, tickets taken and time keeping is maintained. Also to understand the booksellers requirements. You will usually be supported by at least one usher and there will be an author chaperone who will look after the author. You will be given a two-way radio so that you can checkin/liaise with the Event Hub. This role is very well suited to those with previous Festival experience. You will be identified by wearing a sash as will other volunteers. 


We ask that ushers can give us ½ a day (minimum) of their time to support the Front of House Managers so this role is good for first timers or those with less time available. You will help welcome the audience; take tickets; know who is who at each event; help tidy up after events; wear identifying sash. 

Author Chaperones

This role, ideally, is again for those with slightly more time to give us. Based at a venue, liaising with the Front of House Manager, you will collect the author from the Green Room (rest area) escort them to the venue, ensure they have everything they need at all times, ensure that they have pens and a table for book signing and escort them back to the Green Room in time to collect the next author. You will need to enjoy being active for this role. Please note that there is an hour between each event!

People with local knowledge

We need just a few people with local knowledge, to staff the Festival information base and generally be a friendly Festival face and willing source of all knowledge. This can be a half day role.


Based in the Volunteer/Event hub, this is a vital all or nothing role – if nothing goes wrong it is a nothing role – otherwise quick reactions to sort the unexpected are what is required to cover for non attendance, additional staffing problems, runners for forgotten equipment etc etc. We need two on duty at all times over the weekend – hours can be split but the longer the better!

Promotion team members

The young at heart to walk round the town shouting about how good we are and helping visitors find their way around town, suggesting events, giving out information, balloons etc! You will need to be extrovert and work in pairs or threes. We need people between 9 and 4 on Saturday and 9 and 2 on Sunday .

Clear-up crew!

Finally, and very importantly, at the end of the Festival on Sunday afternoon – the work is not heavy or difficult, but many hands make light work!

Short Story Competition
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