Steve Ullathorne

Roma Agrawal

Award-winning engineer and broadcaster Roma Agrawal brings her fascinating new book, Nuts & Bolts, to ChipLitFest - she deconstructs our most complex feats of engineering into seven fundamental inventions: the nail, spring, wheel, lens, magnet, string and pump.

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Alex Barrow

Alex is a children's illustrator. He works on a children's magazine as well as story books. And he plays the accordion. This is Alex's first visit to ChipLitFest, he's bringing his new picture book, If I Had a Crocodile - loads of facts, fun and rollicking rhymes.

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Steve Best

Mark Billingham

Mark is a Festival founder patron and well-established Festival favourite as the ChipLit Quiz master. He also happens to be one of the country's most entertaining and popular crime writers with a brand new detective series on its way in May 2023.

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Dr Sharon Blackie

Writer and teacher Sharon Blackie brings her compelling book, Hagitude, to ChipLitFest, it's a radical rewriting of the future for all women approaching their mid and elder years.

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Esther Horvath

Mensun Bound

Leading marine archaeologist, Mensun Bound, tells the incredible story of how Ernest Shackleton's ship , the Endurance, was found in the 'most hostile sea on Earth'.

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Neil Spence

Katherine Bradley

Katherine Bradley has had a long career in managing homeless services and now works in education alongside her writing work. She has published two suspense thrillers, as Kate Bradley, and joins ChipLitFest to discuss The Sisterhood, a feminist retelling of George Orwell's 1984.

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Jane Grant

Ru Callender

Rupert Callender was moved to become an undertaker through his experience of bereavement and its aftermath. His extraordinary book, What Remains?, is a revelation that will transform our understanding of death and how we celebrate our loved ones.

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Roland Chambers

Author and illustrator Roland joins us at ChipLitFest for the first time with his exciting new children's series, The Adventures of Billy Shaman, about exploration and discovery through the ages. Roland is Writer in Residence for First Story, the creative writing charity for young people.

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Jo Cheetham

In 2012, Jo Cheetham attended her first ever protest and it changed her life forever when she joined the No More Page 3 campaign. Jo's book, Killjoy, lifts the lid on this incredible David and Goliath-style triumph over a media empire.

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Jeremy Prout

Nicola Chester

Nicola Chester is a writer, school librarian and tenant on a farm estate in the North Wessex Downs. We are thrilled she is joining us twice, once as Ru Callender's interviewer and then as a writing tutor for her Wild Writing workshop.

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Geoff Cottrell

Geoff Cottrell is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and visiting scientist at the Oxford University Astrophysics Department and at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, he will be presenting a 30-minute lecture about Observational Astronomy as part of the ever-popular Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions

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Heather Darwall-Smith

Heather is a psychotherapist and sleep specialist. She is joining our Sleep Well panel to bring fascinating and much-needed advice to all those longing for a good night's sleep.

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Gabby Dawney

Gabby is a children's writer, screenwriter and occasional illustrator. She writes on the hit CBeebies pre-school animated show ‘Messy goes to OKIDO’. This is her first visit to ChipLitFest, she's bringing her new book, If I Had a Crocodile - loads of facts, fun and rollicking rhymes.

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Thomas Docherty

Thomas is a children's author and illustrator, he never thought he would end up writing books as he's dyslexic. But now his books have sold around the world and been translated into 25 languages. This is Thomas' first visit to ChipLitFest, he's bringing The Hare-Shaped Hole which he illustrated and John Dougherty wrote.

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Catherine Evans

Catherine is the ChipLitFest trustee who organises the annual short story competition and the publisher behind our collection of previous short story winners, The One About The Sheep. As always, she will host the award ceremony during the festival weekend.

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Hannan Connell

Lissa Evans

Lissa writes books for children and for adults. She trained to be a doctor and has worked in radio and television. She first came to ChipLitFest as an interviewer and is now joining us with her fantastic children's book, Wished, all about a box of magic birthday candles.

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Dave Brolan

Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd’s photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers including The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine and have won him numerous distinctions over his three-decade long career.

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Claire Fuller

Costa Award-winning novelist Claire Fuller returns to ChipLitFest, this time with The Memory of Animals, a gripping, haunting story that imagines a future where survival is always in doubt.

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Simon Weller

Mike Gayle

Mike Gayle has been a full-time novelist since 1997 following the publication of his Sunday Times top ten best-seller My Legendary Girlfriend. He first came to ChipLitFest in 2017 and we're delighted to welcome him back to claim his crown as king of feel good fiction.

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KT Bruce

Alison Gomm

Editor and regular ChipLitFest interviewer as well as longtime committee member, Alison's interests range from literature to journalism to the classics.

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Etienne Gilfillan

Alice Harman

Alice has written over 40 books for kids, about everything from art to outer space. She's bringing her new book to ChipLitFest and it's all about famous paintings told from the perspective of the subjects themselves – including superstar Mona Lisa.

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Adam Henson

We are delighted that local farmer and television presenter Adam Henson is stepping across the border into Oxfordshire to take us on a journey through the seasons to show us what we can find, spot, observe and do in the countryside.

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Elvin James Mensah

Elvin James Mensah joins our New Voices 2023 panel with his debut novel, Small Joys, a tender story of love, friendship and finding happiness in the most unexpected places.

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Greg Jenner

Public historian Greg Jenner brings the fascinating history behind ordinary objects to our special event for all the family. We're thrilled that Greg is returning to ChipLitFest and we know that his mind-boggling tales from the past and hilarious historical happenings will make this an unmissable event.

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Roth Read Photography

Milly Johnson

We're so excited to welcome Milly Johnson - the undisputed queen of feel-good fiction - to Chipping Norton. She is one of the UK's Top 10 Female Fiction authors having sold millions of copies of her books worldwide.

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Sarah Ann Juckes

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Sarah Ann is the author of four highly-acclaimed books for young people that include The Night Animals, recently awarded the Waterstones Book of the Month.

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Heledd Roberts

Clare Mackintosh

Clare is the best-selling, multi award-winning author of some of the past decade's most popular thrillers. She is also the founder of ChipLitFest and we're delighted to host an event celebrating her latest book, The Last Party, and ten years of the festival.

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Ayisha Malik

Novelist Ayisha Malik has been to ChipLitFest twice before once as a debut writer and then as a writers' workshop tutor. We're delighted that she's back now as an interviewer to discuss dystopian literature.

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David Myers

Jack Meggitt-Phillips

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Jack Meggitt-Phillips is the author of the hilarious and monstrous The Beast and the Bethany series.

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Charlotte Mendelson

Novelist Charlotte Mendelson joins us to celebrate the paperback release of The Exhibitionist, named The Times' Novel of 2022. It's a dazzling, very funny read that takes the dysfunctional fictional family to the next level.

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Mat Smith

Dr Jules Montague

Consultant neurologist Dr Jules Montague shines a light on medical diagnosis in her fascinating book, The Imaginary Patient, and examines the idea that a diagnosis might not give us the certainty we crave but, in fact, reveal the medical establishment's bias.

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Georgina Moore

Deputy MD of PR Agency Midas, Georgina Moore is an award-winning book publicist who has worked in the publishing industry for 20 years, several of her authors have featured at past festivals. She is also a debut novelist and will join the New Voices panel with The Garnett Girls.

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Richard Baker

Polly Morland

Writer and documentary maker Polly Morland brings her extraordinary reportage on the life of a country doctor, A Fortunate Woman, to ChipLitFest. Combining biography, nature writing and a plea on behalf of general practice, this wonderful account is a remarkable response to John Berger's A Fortunate Man.

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Emma Norry

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Emma Norry is delivering a series of dynamic and engaging creative writing workshops to vulnerable students in non-mainstream education.

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Mary-Ann Ochota

Mary-Ann is again joining ChipLitFest as an interviewer. She's an anthropologist, archaeologist and adventurer.

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Triptych Photography

Lev Parikian

Nature writer, conductor, inventor of both the Twitter Birdsong Project and the World Cup of Random English Words , Lev Parikian turns his attention to flight, the evolutionary story of life on the wing, in his latest book, Taking Flight.

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Laura Pashby

Writer and photographer Laura Pashby's book, Little Stories of Your Life, will inform her writers' workshop about finding your own voice. Laura uses words and photographs to capture precious small moments and how those moments can enhance your creativity.

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Sebastian Payne

Author and Financial Times columnist, Sebastian Payne, tells of the miscalculations and mistakes that led to Boris Johnson’s downfall, only two years after he first entered No.10 Downing Street. This is a gripping and timely look at how power is gained, wielded and lost in Britain today.

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Roxxie Blackham

Lizzie Pickering

Lizzie Pickering brings her personal and professional experience of navigating grief to her important new book, When Grief Equals Love. Lizzie is a former ChipLitFest trustee and we are now thrilled to welcome her as an author.

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Bali Rai

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Bali is a frequent visitor to the Festival especially because of his amazing work with vulnerable young people.

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Andy Riley

Part of our extraordinary team of authors working in schools in and around Chipping Norton, Andy is bringing Action Dude - all thrills...all action...all the time - to Key Stage 2 pupils.

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Andrew Maybury

Harriet Rycroft

Harriet Rycroft is a local plantswoman with an expertise and passion for container gardening following her years as Whichford Pottery's head gardener. "Harriet is the queen of ornamental container gardening!" –– Sarah Venn, founder of Edible Bristol

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SF Said

SF Said - award-winning author of Varjak Paw, The Outlaw Varjak Paw and Phoenix - brings his captivating new story, Tyger, to ChipLitFest. As well as being one the country's best-loved children's authors, SF is also a patron of the festival!

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Marcus Leoni Folhapress

Simon Sebag Montefiore

Internationally best-selling and prize-winning historian Simon Sebag Montefiore brings The World to Chipping Norton. Named as The Times History Book of 2022, it's a groundbreaking history of the world told through its most influential families.

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Laura Dodsworth

Victoria Smith

In her new book, Hags, journalist Victoria Smith sets out to find the answer to one of today's burning questions - what is about women in their forties and beyond that seems to enrage almost everyone?

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Paul Oscar Photography

Richard Smyth

Nature writer and novelist, Richard Smyth, returns to ChipLitFest (last here in 2015) with The Jay, The Beech and the Limpetshell where he weaves together history, memoir, and environmentalism to form a new kind of nature writing: one that asks both what we have lost, and what we have yet to find.

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Alexandra Stewart

Children's non-fiction writer, Alexandra, is coming to ChipLitFest with her wonderful book, Let's Fill This World with Kindness - over 25 real-life stories revealing how heroic acts of kindness can change our world for the better.

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Joe Tracini

Actor, author, magician and leotard-wearer Joe Tracini lives with a complex mental illness. He wrote his book, Ten Things I Hate About Me, to save his life and hopes it will save others. It’s frank, sad and surprisingly hilarious. Don't miss it!

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Alice Vernon

Dr Alice Vernon is Lecturer in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University, where she teaches the fundamentals of storytelling. She joins our Sleep Well panel, discussing the phenomenon of night terrors - something that she suffers from and that explores in her book of the same name.

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Pen Vogler

Pen Vogler is a food historian and a publicist at Penguin Press. She first came to ChipLitFest in 2018 to discuss the food featured in Dickens' novels. This time Pen will be talking about food and class.

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Michael Wharley

Lucy Walters

Storyteller Lucy returns to ChipLitFest with an adventure through the wood-wide-web! Children are listeners before they are readers and Lucy is a wonderfully engaging storyteller who we love to include at the festival.

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Yuval Zommer

Yuval is the best-selling author and illustrator of the Big Book series. We are so pleased to welcome him back to ChipLitFest to run a drawing workshop and to decorate the windows of Jaffé & Neale bookshop.

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Following our return to live literary events in April 2022, we hosted three extraordinary evenings in October. Thanks so much to our audience and authors for getting involved: Dame Prue Leith, Brian Bilston, Manni and Reuben Coe and interviewer Saba Salman. Also thanks to Chipping Norton Theatre for hosting the events and to Jaffé & Neale for organising the book sales.

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Dame Prue Leith

With decades at the top of her professional game and a long list of awards and achievements, Prue Leith barely needs an introduction but we are always very proud to mention she is a festival patron! We're delighted to host an evening of riveting chat with Prue - don't miss it.

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Brian Bilston

Best-selling poet and beloved novelist Brian Bilston returns to Chipping Norton with a brilliant new way to mark and celebrate every single day of the year.

‘If you like a) laughing or b) words which rhyme with each other, you will love Brian Bilston’ Richard Osman

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Eddy Pearce

Manni and Reuben Coe

Brothers Manni and Reuben have written and illustrated their first book after Reuben left his care home and started living with Manni in a countryside cottage where they would walk and draw and rebuild the bonds of brotherhood.

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Nicola Bensley

Saba Salman

Author and editor of Made Possible (an anthology of essays by people with learning disabilities), Saba joins us at ChipLitFest for the first time to interview Manni and Reuben Coe about their book,

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